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According to the dates hardness, it can be divided into Wet, Semi Dry and Dried classifications.

1- Wet Dates: ( Mazafati Dates, Kabkab Dates, Kaliteh Dates )

This kind of dates has soft appearance with the moisture more than 18-25 percent.


Mazafati Dates as an important economic dates has the highest demand in Iran internal market and Islamic countries abroad. This kind of dates is cultivated in the various regions of Iran but among them BAM is the most important one. Mazafati dates is the best item of semi and wet dates with black and red color with highest quality.

2- Semi Dry and Dried Dates: (Sayer Dates, Rabbi Dates, Piarom Dates)

Semi Dried dates has the moisture between 14-18 percent and Dried dates with roughly hard culture possesses the moisture lower than 14 percent.

SAYER        RABBI        PIAROM Sayer Dates with great commercial value is the good sample of this kind of dates. It is the most exporting item of Khozestan province of Iran. Its semi dryness, high level of sugar, redundant juice, easily separation of cores, preservation, non fermentation and sourness, economically puts it in the highest rank of semi dried and dried dates for exportation.


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