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Sunny Dates owns a well equipped packaging and printing factory to produce cartons, boxes with highest quality for the packaging of dates products. This is one of the key strengths of the company and enables us to produce cartons and boxes based on customer’s designs, logos, brand names, etc.

For various dates products we use different packaging systems which could be divided into two categories:

1- Automatic and mechanical systems:

Total automatic packaging systems are purchased from Germany for packaging of “Dried Dates”. Processing stages include Fumigation, Sorting, Washing, Drying and packaging.

The automatic packaging system is used for Dried Dates like “Sayer dates”, “Rabbi Dates” and “Piarom Dates”.

2- Manual Packaging:

This time consuming and traditional packaging system is used for “Fresh Dates” because of their soft nature which makes it impossible to use automatic systems of packaging.

The manual packaging system is used for “Fresh Dates” like “Mazafati Dates”, “Kabkab Dates” and “Kaliteh Dates.


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